CrownLife Missions Back Office Services

So God called you, now what?


CATCH THE VISION 2025 - CLI Back Office
CrownLife International Inc. 501(c)(3) Missions Agency

To be the bridge between donors and those serving in frontline missions -- together we are fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement:

To continue to provide our suite of ever evolving, first class, cutting edge, back office missions services such as donation processing, tax deductible receipt issuance, funds forwarding and related bookkeeping, communications and technology platforms, which empower those serving in frontline missions to fulfill the Great Commission and facilitates tax deductible charitable giving.

Mission Goals:

1). Partner with over 300 people called to the Great Commission Mission by the year 2025.

2). Add 2,500 new donors supporting those answering God’s ministry calling by the year 2025.

3). Build out all of our platforms and systems with the expansion capabilities that are needed.

4). See over 500 new churches planted internationally, 5 children’s homes established, caring for over 4,000 widows, orphans, and/or elderly monthly, 25 Christian families set free from modern day slavery, and most importantly we believe that over 50,000 people will name Jesus as Lord through our Mission and Vision by the end of the year 2025 -- as we serve together, led by Holy Spirit, to do our part in carrying out the Great Commission.

5). To lead by example with teaching and preaching in other languages on social media, television, radio and in person visits to CLI campuses in the nations.


This is our Mission, Vision and Mission goals by 2025. Catch the vision and mission right now by joining our tribe as a native pastor, a missionary, or as a very much appreciated donor.