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 God has helped us to accomplish His Great commission through many activities such as, children’s ministry. Women and men spiritual building movement through prayer fellowship and Bible study.

 We have distributed some school supplies among 10 poorest school going children who are growing up toward Christ through ministry.


God has helped us to distribute some clothes among 7 poorest widows and distributed foods and medicines according our capability by the grace of God.

God has helped us to spread His Good News among different places through Jesus Film Shows. This is the new project of ministry this year. We started the ministry last month and have shown a total showed a total of 8 showing. The total number of people who have watched the Jesus Film Show is 485 people. Out of those 485 viewers 137 prayed to receive Christ as Lord.


God helped us to established 2 churches with 120 members.

We are blessed by God and we enjoy in the ministry to serve the needy and to serve the Lord through ministry.

We are serving God by the Power of Holy Spirit and we continue find the lost souls for Christ. For this purpose God helps us to meet with lost people who pray and received Christ through their faithful pray. Most of them come from Hindu backgrounds, but a few are from Muslim backgrounds. The Ministry has been serving them to glorify God.


We have targeted people who are needy and hungry and thirsty for Christ.

I have the desire in my heart to see the sustainable development in the ministry and accomplish all of the goals that God has given me by these years in ministry.

I have the plan to participate with a conference for ministry if God wills.

I have the plan to win 400 more people for Christ through my ministry by the end of this year.


Thank you for considering me to walk with you to glorify God.





Gopalgonj, Bangladesh

phone +880 1960191989 Fax TEXT "GIVE" to (855) 982-3154
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Pastor Suku Ranjon Sikder