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Forever we have not been able to adequately explain to people what it is that the Lord has been quitely doing through CrownLife International over the years. How could we get our arms around it and reduce it all down to something that people can understand and support?

One of our challenges is that we have so much going on in so many nations that we haven't been able to tell our story adequately. We believe that the platform upon which our new website it built will change that. It is like the extension of our tent peg, the firm foundation and systems that we have needed to help tell the story of what God is doing in the world's hardest places.

Visit our campuses in the nations. If you have been praying for and sponsoring one of our Official Field Partners you will not be able to visit their campus and receive push notifications and reports directly from that location. We will also be livestreaming ministry activities directy from the mission fields to our new CrownLife International App right onto your phone. Now you will be able to engage, learn, give, and keep up with the campus of your choice right from your phone, or computer. 

Giving is going to be so fun! You will be able to watch live and in videos exactly how your giving touches hearts and changes lives in Jesus name.