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"You may never have to build another website!" - These words sounded so sweet the first time that I heard Mike Ostrom at Tithely say them. I have built so many Wordpress websites for native pastors and for our own ministries. I know the pain, the struggle, the frustrations and the need to have paid tech support to back oneself up. I am so tired of Wordpress websites, the maintenance, the security concerns, the crashes -- all of that his history for us with 

It's all on to provide the industry highest standards of security and safety protocols, to maintain website integrity and to constantly be on guard related to security improvements, issues and technologies. It's on to constantly upgrade the technologies as time marches forward. I no longer have to be "Superman" and I gladly pass my cape to and their team of caring, concerned and ministry loving staff. 

Oh where have you been all of my life? 

If you are an existing donor, or a new donor we want for you to know that we value loyalty as does and with that in mind we will be encouraging all existing and new donors to migrate your giving to this ministry exclusively through by using our CrownLife International app, available at Apple Store and Google play, or give on our CrownLife International website, use Text 2 Give or other options that will become availabe. 

We encourage you to move your giving to our new systems at - It's the best giving experience you will ever have.

Be blessed, 
Pastor Jedidiah
President, CrownLife International