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Dear friends,
I have sad news to report. My paternal aunt passed away in Pakistan. Her only daughter, Saima, could not afford the full cost of the funeral. 

We didn’t expect this and it’s beyond heartbreaking, we personally also don’t have the expense to pay for a funeral, yet alone everything that comes with a funeral. We are asking for assistance which is so hard for us to ask, but if you can contribute anything, and I mean anything, I would so greatly appreciate it.

It can be whatever you can afford to give, $10, $25, $5, $100 whatever you feel comfortable providing and donating. again, even sharing this post can make a difference.

I know we all currently are going through hard times, that’s why I simply ask for anything you can give. I appreciate you all for your kindness and compassion. 

Thank you a million 3 times. Our gratitude is with you. Thank you. You may donate at this link and use the drop down to locate: Special Needs Fund so that we can apply it to help cover this unexpected cost.