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God is moving and setting in place a huge firm, modern, powerful foundation under this ministry as an undergirding, even as we are built upon Jesus the Christ. The Lord is opening door, making the way and bring to us brand new highly professional and secure systems and technologies as well as extending the tent pegs of ministry relationships, anointings, mantels and more. 

It's so much that one can hardly sleep. Get excited with us about our new website design that is fully and wonderfully made. Check out our site and the Campuses feature where you can search for one of our soon to be 300 campuses by Nation, Ministry, or Pastor. Jesus is indeed faithful for the glory of God.

We are now able to Livestream right on our brand new website with an amazing Live system with integrated donation button at the top right. You can give at any time during a broadcast and not even interupt the message. 

In addition we are onboarding an entire amazing, incredible suite of technologies with which to engage our followers, and sponsors in real time during our symolucast Live Video Events that will post to a great number of social media platforms, pages, groups, and apps.

In addition we also are developing our Customized CrownLife International Mobile app for both Android and Apple. We have Text2Give services as well for our main ministry and all of our CLI campuses in the world's hardest places. 

We would be remiss if we did not say, "Kudos and blessings!" to the entire Team who have been so kind, so helpful, so professional and so engaged with us and over 33,000 churches and ministries to further the cause of the Kingdom of God. is now our website provider, along with a robust suite of technologies and apps that all do amazing interconnected things in a highly secure system. So amazing!

We also are engaging some of the most cutting edge communications providers and platforms to soar in social media. Our Spanish Language ministry on Facebook is growing with over 430,000 Followers and 234,000 Likes at