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Over the years we had historically created, and recreated our safe, simple and secure giving platforms, however they invariably always leaned upon secular companies for the technologies needed.

Given the times that we live in the Lord has led us to partner exclusively with to process our donations securely, but to also provide back office CRM systems, our amazing new website, and our customized CrownLife International App, Text 2 Give and so much more. serves over 33,000 churches, including many mega churches such a Hillsong Church. It is our honor to become part of the ministry family. 

When persecution rears it's ugly head we will be much better positioned standing with over 33,000 churches and who processes millions of dollars in donations and giving for churches, ministries and religious non profits. 

Get our CrownLife International App! Give without hesitation online, or by app, or by Text 2 Give - you can rest assured that's entire team is constantly assuring your privacy, security and online safety as you give not under compulsion but willingly to the works of God. 
To the Team, "I have never encountered such an amazing pro ministry team from first contact and solidly through the onboarding processes! Just amazing! We are grateful to, it's founders, Managers, staff and to the Lord Jesus Christ for moving us from our own systems to the stunningly amazing complete suite of giving and ministry solutions. 

As an existing support of CrownLife International, or as a new supporter, you will find giving with to be a joyful, secure, and safe experience. You will also have Log In access to all of your donation data, instant detailed donation acknowledgements and a detailed Year End Giving Report that is IRS compliant for U.S. tax filers. 

Give on our CrownLife International Website, Download our CrownLife International App in Apple and Android from those stores or from our website. Use Text 2 Give, or if you like the old fashioned ground mail system then mail your support to us and we will enter the data into the giving system and produce an acknowledgement and a year end giving report for you. 

Be richly blessed!

Pastor Jedidiah
President, CrownLife International